C# as you know it but with Go-inspired tooling

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90 MB download with no dependencies. For Linux and Windows. MIT license.

Build native apps for Linux Windows Android UEFI

bflat is a native compiler for C# that comes with everything you need to build C# apps for any of the supported platforms. No additional SDKs or NDKs needed.

Battle-tested fundamentals

Based on parts of the .NET 8 SDK that is trusted by developers all around the world, but reimagined as native-first and stripped to the bare minimum needed to build native apps with C#. Based on CoreCLR's code generator and GC.

Choose your standard library

Comes with two standard libraries: one (DotNet) that is compatible with .NET and supports everything from console to JSON, and another (Zero) that is stripped to bare minimum and doesn't even have a GC.

Build native apps or shared libraries

Produce native apps and native libraries. Consume C# libraries built with bflat from other languages using their respective FFI interface.

Bring your own build system

Invoke bflat directly from terminal, integrate with a shell script, Makefile, or even MSBuild. The choice is yours.

Standard libraries supported by bflat at a glance

DotNet Zero
Primitive types
Rich standard library
Marshalling-less p/invoke
Full p/invoke
Garbage collector
Exception handling
Building apps and libraries
Target Linux, Windows, Android
Target UEFI
Starting app size 600 kB 4 kB

Run C# with no operating system, on bare metal

Build native code or .NET bytecode

Get started

Download and unpack a release, optionally place it on your PATH and look at some samples

If you're on Windows, you can also get bflat from winget: `winget install bflat`.

$ bflat build --help
  Compiles the specified C# source files into native code

  bflat build [<>...] [options]

  <file list>

  -d, --define <define>                                Define conditional compilation symbol(s)
  -r, --reference <file list>                          Additional .NET assemblies to include
  --target <Exe|Shared|WinExe>                         Build target
  -o, --out <file>                                     Output file path
  -c                                                   Produce object file, but don't run linker
  --ldflags <ldflags>                                  Arguments to pass to the linker
  -x                                                   Print the commands
  --arch <x86|x64|arm64>                               Target architecture
  --os <linux|windows|uefi>                            Target operating system
  -m <{isa1}[,{isaN}]|native>                          Target instruction set extensions
  --libc <libc>                                        Target libc (Windows: shcrt|none, Linux: glibc|bionic)
  -Os, --optimize-space                                Favor code space when optimizing
  -Ot, --optimize-time                                 Favor code speed when optimizing
  -O0, --no-optimization                               Disable optimizations
  --no-reflection                                      Disable support for reflection
  --no-stacktrace-data                                 Disable support for textual stack traces
  --no-globalization                                   Disable support for globalization (use invariant mode)
  --no-exception-messages                              Disable exception messages
  --no-pie                                             Do not generate position independent executable
  --separate-symbols                                   Separate debugging symbols (Linux)
  --no-debug-info                                      Disable generation of debug information
  --map <file>                                         Generate an object map file
  --mstat                                              Produce MSTAT and DGML files for size analysis
  -i <library|library!function>                        Bind to entrypoint statically
  --feature <Feature=[true|false]>                     Set feature switch value
  -res, --resource <<file>[,<name>[,public|private]]>  Managed resource to include
  --stdlib <DotNet|None|Zero>                          C# standard library to use
  --deterministic                                      Produce deterministic outputs including timestamps
  --verbose                                            Enable verbose logging
  --langversion <langversion>                          C# language version ('latest', 'default', 'latestmajor',
                                                       'preview', or version like '6' or '7.1'
  -?, -h, --help                                       Show help and usage information